Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Department of Mathematics

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Become a master problem solver

As a math major at Missouri State University, you can spend some time exploring our varied courses – from actuarial science to statistics or abstract algebra. MSU’s math graduates have gone on to careers such as computer analyst, actuary, lawyer, statistician and teacher.

A variety of options for you

Our program offers you the opportunity to focus on one of the following tracks:

Actuarial Mathematics

This is the science of evaluating the likelihood of future events and managing risk. People trained in this field often work for insurance companies.

Applied Mathematics

This branch of the discipline applies mathematical theory and methods to physics, biology, medicine, computer sciences, life sciences, etc. It includes mathematical modeling, which transforms real-world problems into mathematical problems. 

General Mathematics

With this focus, you can study various aspects of mathematics, and choose from the University’s broad range of courses.


Statistics deals with the collection, organization and interpretation of data.

Comprehensive and non-comprehensive options

The mathematics major at MSU offers a comprehensive option, which does not require a minor, or a non-comprehensive option for those who would prefer to add a minor.


The department of mathematics and the department of physics, astronomy and materials science jointly offer a two-year pre-engineering program, which easily transfers to many engineering programs. Contact Dr. Richard Belshoff at 417-836-5374 for more information.