Mathematics Education Minor

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Putting math fully in your grasp

A minor in math education is a great option for the student who performs well in the study of mathematics and would like to gain a better understanding of the many broad topics in the field. Although a minor in math education will not certify you to teach the subject in a traditional classroom, this minor will give you the knowledge base on a variety of theories and applications. This minor may also prepare you to take the next step to pursuing a master’s degree in the field.

Program requirements


Bachelor of Science in Education (Non-Certifiable)
  1. MTH 261(5), 280(5), 315(3), 575(3).
  2. One course from: CSC 121(3), 125(4), 131(4).
  3. One course from: MTH 460(3), 567(3).
  4. Additional mathematics courses numbered 300 or above to total at least 24 hours.