Department of Mathematics

A meeting of the math department's problem-solving group.

Make your dreams count

Mathematics is more than just numbers and theories. It's a way to solve real-world problems.

Find logical solutions and create structure in the world from a math angle.

Undergraduate programs

A bachelor's degree (major) in math can lead you to careers in actuarial science, business, computer analysis, economics, physics, statistics and more.

Mathematics professor Dr. Xingping Sun and three students look at math problems on a computer during class.
Explore multiple branches of math that can be useful in many industries.
A student-teacher teaching a high school math class.
Become a math teacher (grades 9-12).

Enhance your degree with a minor

A math-based minor pairs well with many other majors.

Graduate programs

Gain experience in mathematics to increase your prospects and salary in the workplace.

Math professor Dr. William Bray teaching a graduate-level class.
Conduct research and explore advanced math concepts.
A high school math teacher in his classroom.
Take your teaching career to new heights.
A scientist working in a lab on campus.
Pair math with another science field you enjoy.

Attend a math event

Math students take center stage at these annual events. Enjoy research presentations, competitions, guest speakers and more – right on campus.

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Get the latest news and find out what's coming up in the math department.

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