Mathematics Undergraduate Program

Mathematics professor Dr. Xingping Sun and three students look at math problems on a computer during class.

Solve real-world problems

Calculate a better tomorrow with a degree in mathematics.

As a math major, you'll unravel mathematical theories and concepts in all kinds of industries.

Tracks: Shape your math degree

The math major is flexible and includes four track options. 

Or, you can pick a degree plan that fits your goals and needs.

A student at a computer station in an economics class.
Evaluate the likelihood of future events and manage risk. People trained in this field often work for insurance companies.
Three students in an engineering lab.
Solve real-world problems with a math framework.
Two students studying in Meyer Library. One student is using a laptop, the other student is writing in a notebook.
Study various aspects of mathematics, and choose from a broad range of courses.
A student stands on a chair to write math problems and data on a large dry eraseboard.
Collect, organize and interpret data.

Why major in math at Missouri State?


A student in a data analysis class looking focused while at her computer station.
  • Get ready for professional studies or a career – Earn a bachelor's degree in math to prepare for your future.
  • Have access to helpful resources – You have what you need to succeed in your degree program. Feel supported by faculty and advisors who will guide you toward your goals.
  • Explore different areas of math – Tailor your degree to match your interests. Choose from four undergraduate track options and a wide variety of math courses.
  • Gain experience in your field – Expand your knowledge alongside other math majors. Take part in the math department's valuable learning opportunities.

Degree options

Want to major in math? Review the program requirements for the exact courses you need to take.

Use a four-year plan as the guide for your overall schedule.

Accelerated master's: Get a head start on your future

Earn graduate credit as you complete your undergraduate degree (major).

Math minor

Already have a major? Enhance your degree with a mathematics minor.

A person doing data analysis on a spreadsheet on his laptop.
Careers and Outcomes
Do you like solving problems? Enjoy working with numbers? If so, math may be the career for you!