Statistics Track

Many economic, social, political and military decisions cannot be made without statistical techniques, and Missouri State University’s math department offers you great preparation in the science of statistics.

Statistics applies mathematical principles to the collection, analysis and presentation of numeric data. Statisticians can work in a variety of different disciplines, and MSU’s statistics track enables you to explore many of these areas. A minor or second major is required with the statistics track.

Within this track, math majors must take MTH 541 (Statistical Theory II). They must also select an additional nine hours from these courses:

  • MTH 543 Stochastic Modeling
  • MTH 545 Applied Statistics
  • MTH 546 Analysis of Variance and Design of Experiments
  • MTH 547 Applied Regression Analysis
  • MTH 548 Applied Time Series Analysis

In addition, students in this track must also complete:

  • CSC 125 Introduction to C++ Programming
  • CSC 131 Introduction to Computer Science I
  • PHY 203 Foundations of Physics I (may partially fulfill the natural world general education requirements)

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