General Mathematics Track

Two students studying in Meyer Library. One student is using a laptop, the other student is writing in a notebook.

Explore your math interests

Get a well-rounded education in mathematics.

Study from a broad range of math subjects, such as algebra, geometry, calculus and more.

Why take the general track?

  • Have a flexible study plan Make your degree as general or specific as you would like. Study a wide variety of math principles or narrow your focus to specific topics in math.
  • Discover engaging learning opportunities Your math course work will prepare you to compete in math events and/or participate in the problem-solving club.
  • Set yourself up for a successful future Let your passion for math lead you to a dream career. Explore many branches of math and gain the knowledge to prepare for doctor-level studies or a profession.
  • Connect with math enthusiasts  – Network with educators, researchers and other esteemed professionals during the MSU Mathematics Lecture Series and other events. Get guidance from knowledgeable faculty and work alongside peers who share your interests.
A student smiles toward the camera while working on his laptop.
Careers and outcomes
With expertise in math, you'll become an asset in many career avenues.

Degree options

Want to take the general track? Review the program requirements (BS, non-comprehensive) for the exact courses you need to take.

Use the four-year plan below as a guide for your overall schedule.