Pummill Math Relays

Pummill Math Relays

General information about the Relays

Pummill Mathematics Relays on April 8 were cancelled due to the crisis created by COVID-19 and replaced by a shortened on-line version.

For over 40 years, high school students who love math have gathered on the Missouri State University campus for a series of math competitions known as the Pummill Math Relays. Held each spring, the relays let high schoolers get a look at the University campus and allow students the chance to assist with the competition, which can provide valuable resume experience for aspiring math teachers and others.

We will again have a Calculus event this year, however, the event will not include clickers. Instead, the calculus event will be a pairs event (up to two pairs per school) with a qualifying round followed by a sudden-death round. This event will occur LIVE (Main Court, 11:40–12:20), right before our LIVE MathMania event (Main Court, 12:30–1:00). Up to two calculus student pairs per school are invited to participate in this event. This event will be restricted for individual students enrolled in Calculus this year. In addition, there are four other restricted individual events, four open individual events, four traditional team events, a challenging problems event, and our Math Mania event. Math Mania is a timed problem-solving event for teams of three or four competing in an "elimination" style tournament the final half-hour before the awards ceremony. Here are example Math Mania questions and answers. All other scheduled individual and team events have a time limit of 30 minutes. There is no penalty for guessing on any of our contest events. Categories in individual, open and team events include algebra I, geometry, algebra II, 4th-year math, calculus, mathematical reasoning, and probability and statistics (changed this year from the previous counting and probability).

REMINDER: Again this year, we will have a compressed schedule, compared to years past. In previous years, we have started the first event at 10:00 and the awards ceremony at 2:00. Many of our participating teams have never been able to participate in the awards ceremony. This year, the first event will begin at 9:40 and the award ceremony will begin at 1:00. Instead of having four rounds with three events at a time, we will have three rounds with four events at a time and will split the main court to accommodate for the extra event per round. Please see the schedule of events document on the right of this page.

Check out the rules for the Pummill Relays.

We award 1st though 3rd place medals in each individual event and 1st through 3rd place medals to team members of overall winning teams. Recognition is also given to 4th and 5th place winners in the individual events and to the top three teams from each size classification (1, 2, 3, 4). A traveling trophy will be awarded on-the-spot to the team winning the Math Mania event.

Outstanding senior participants in the Pummill Math Relays who will be attending Missouri State are encouraged to apply for both the Missouri State Math Relays Scholarship ($2,000) and the Lawrence E. and Crystal Pummill Scholarship ($500). All incoming math or math education majors are also encouraged to apply for the Mathematics Freshman Scholarship ($500), the Math Is Fun Scholarship ($200) or the Evelyn Maxwell Scholarship ($200). For more information, see the Scholarships and Financial Aid page.

We strongly encourage you to register online. However, if you choose to mail or FAX (417-836-6966) a paper entry, a paper copy of the entry form is available by clicking the "Registration Form" link to the right.

There is an event schedule and a description of events.

Please direct all questions to:
Adam Harbaugh, 417-836-6909 (AHarbaugh@missouristate.edu)
William Bray, 417-836-6270, (WBray@missouristate.edu)

2020 Results

2020 Pummill Math Relays (canceled)

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