High School Mathematics Competition

High School Math Competition

Missouri State University's math department is host to a variety of math competitions for high school students from the area, including the American Mathematics Competition and competitions for the Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics.

The campus is also the site for several regional high school math competitions, including the Ozark 7 Conference, MidLakes Conference, Spring River Valley Conference, Southwest Conference League and Summit Conference.

MO-ARML (Missouri - American Regions Math League) contest

Missouri-ARML, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing a forum for students to study challenging mathematics, engage in sophisticated problem solving and prepare a team to represent Missouri at the National Tournament of the American Regions Mathematics League (ARML). The contest is held once each year at four sites in the nation, usually on the first Saturday in June. The Missouri team goes to the Iowa City site, and other states compete at the Atlanta, Penn State or San Jose sites. The results are combined to produce national individual and team champions, as well as rankings for the teams.

The MO-ARML team currently practices in two sites - St. Louis and Springfield. The St. Louis practices are run by Rick Armstrong. The Springfield practices are run by Dr. Yungchen Cheng of Missouri State University.

For more information, visit the ARML website.

American Mathematics Competition (AMC)

The AMC 10/12 is considered by many to be the premier national level high school mathematics contest. It is a vehicle to identify mathematically talented students throughout the USA. Students who score well on this exam qualify to take the AIME exam. Students doing very well on the AIME can be invited to the USAMO, which is a prestigious achievement. Students from the USAMO have the chance to make the team from the USA to compete in the IMO (International Mathematics Olympiad).

For more information about the MSU site, or to register, contact Patti Blanton or call 417-836-5317

Download the AMC invitation.

Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics (MCTM) Mathematics Contests

The Missouri Council of Teachers of Mathematics is a 501(c)3 not-for profit organization dedicated to supporting and improving mathematics teaching and learning at all levels. With a membership of 1,800, the organization has a long history of quality activities and programs. Affiliated with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, MCTM maintains strong contacts with the national agenda and with its own affiliated groups within the state.