Applied Mathematics Track

Three students in an engineering lab.

Use math to improve the world

Find practical solutions to real-life problems. Apply math in almost any industry.

Discover how math is useful in professions like business, finance, engineering, life sciences and more.

Why take the applied track?

  • Exercise your problem-solving skills – Get equipped to tackle challenges in the workplace. Find out how to use mathematical modeling processes to conquer real-life problems.
  • Understand math from every angle – Become well-rounded in mathematics. Examine applications for multiple branches of math, like algebra, analysis and stochastic modeling.
  • Capitalize on helpful opportunities – Apply your knowledge of mathematical theories and methods. Attend seminars and fine-tune your presentation skills.
  • Use math to explore other subject areas  In applied mathematics, you'll use math across many industries. Complement your math degree with a minor in biology, computer science or other fields of interest.
Mechanical engineering students in a lab.
Careers and outcomes
Applied math gives you diverse skills that can be used in business, health care, science and many other popular career fields.

Degree options

Want to take the applied track? Review the program requirements (BS, non-comprehensive) for the exact courses you need to take.

Use the four-year plan below as a guide for your overall schedule.